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Writing Eye-Catchy Instagram Captions

Writing Instagram captions is an art. The work doesn’t end with a perfect picture; the role of a caption is an important one to garner as many followers as you can. The caption for the picture should be informative, telling people what the post is about, should have a link to your website and/or tell a story that is relatable and makes your content likable and worth sharing. Tips right here shall help you in your journey. 

Create a draft 

A well-thought caption can increase engagement and encourage the sharing of your content. So don’t lose that opportunity by a hasty job with the caption and select the best one of the drafts you’ve written. You also have to think about what you are feeling in the moment and put it out in front of everyone. Being transparent, honest, and genuine on social media also pays off. Therefore, don’t bottle up your emotions and try to be more open and friendly with your followers when you converse with them through your caption.

Put important things first 

Make sure the first three to four lines of your caption are enticing enough for the audience as captions cut off in the user’s feed after a few lines and the whole thing is not displayed.  The length of the caption is very necessary and shouldn’t be too long. People nowadays don’t have time to write very long and wordy captions at all. They like terse and concise captions. Being to-the-point and very specific can go a long way since more people can read what you have to say and reach out to your opinion. 

Call for action 

Use more verbs. Writing things like ‘double tap if you liked this’ or ‘comment below what you think’ will engage your followers and might make them share your content. In this way, you can make your followers engage with you in a better way. Better interaction and engagement with your followers will lead to more recognition and popularity of your Instagram account. This will also make your followers know that you are not laidback or lazy, and like being active on your account. 

Prompt your followers to tag their friends 

Make your content relatable and then ask people to tag their mates to discover new audiences and increase engagements. In this way, your words will reach out to more and more people. This can lead to your Instagram account becoming viral. Who doesn’t like popularity anyways? 

Invite people for a contest 

Contests are one of the best ways for brand exposure. In this way, your followers will be more enthusiastic to take part in the activities and contests. They will love taking part in a fun activity and this will increase your engagement with them. 

Avoid hashtags in the beginning 

Stuffing up your caption with hashtags never helps. Let the caption have its fair share of attention and include hashtags at the end or, better off, in the first comment. 

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