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Core Values

At Social Mako we are guided by our core values. Every feature we create,
every employee we hire, are all decisions we made from these values.
We pride ourselves in focusing on ensuring that everything we do is out of
respect for others and to ensure that our end-users have a product they can trust.

We strive to innovate our platform to be at the top of its game at all times. Creating new features, getting rid of features that don’t work for our users, and more importantly enhancing the features that DO work for our users.

We approach every challenge, every customer issue with the most respect and in the most positive way possible. We ask for feedback as it grows who we are as a company. And most importantly, we stand behind our users.

We love diversity. We love people. Being able to offer a product that helps people embrace their culture through social media is a huge plus in our eyes. We extend this to our own team and allow our team to embrace their own culture.

We have a forever commitment to not only our users, but our team, and our family. This means that we take ownership of any challenges we face, and promise to overcome these challenges with our team and our users in mind. First and foremost.

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