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Using Instagram Branded Content Tools For Your Business

Technology is advancing at a very fast pace, and the world around us is changing very quickly. Most people are now connected to the internet, either through their computers or smartphones. This is causing businesses and organizations to migrate their advertising and customer care to the online world, where it is easier and faster to reach customers. One of the main reasons for this shift is the boom of social media platforms. Social media is a very easy and cost-effective way to reach out to current and potential customers. Since smartphones are ubiquitous and help connect to social media while on the move, businesses and organizations are able to reach customers wherever they are.

Instagram as a powerful business advertiser:

In this 21st century, nearly millions of photos and videos are being shared on Instagram on a daily basis. Nowadays more than 80% of brands use Instagram as a marketing channel. It works flawlessly on mobile phones as the application was designed originally for mobiles. Additionally, images on Instagram have a longer life than on any other social media network.

Instagram shares most of the features that other popular social networks have including profile, followers, hashtags, push notifications, and location tags. Its built-in filter tool which allows users to add their own stamp on their photos distinguishes it from all other social media networks. A good marketing plan would be accomplished while assimilating the use of Instagram with other social media networks for longer brand exposure and better audience reach.

Using Instagram’s content tools for your business:

Instagram has already started to take measures to make an effect of content on audiences in order to determine and improve the efficiency of ad recall and brand awareness. 

  1. Video( IGTV): 

Recently Instagram has introduced this IGTV option for its users allowing its users to add videos greater than the limit of 60 seconds (more like a tv episode) which is its regular video limit. 

  • Live streaming:

Live video is also a great feature introduced by Instagram for interacting with your followers. It is equipped to give your followers a push notification telling them you’re going live, they can comment on or like your Live Video stream in real-time. It is just a time being video, it ends as soon the session ends.

  • AD’s manager:

Now businesses can turn their organic posts into ads in the Ads Manager. These ads make sense for the type of content you’re promoting and if your organic posts received a lot of likes, consider running them as an Engagement Ad. 

  • Hyperlinks followed by hashtags (#) and (@) symbols:

This feature is great for businesses as this is just another way to get your followers to engage with other accounts you own or branded hashtags your company uses.

  • Push notifications:

This hidden feature is present on the mobile app of Instagram. It’ll allow your followers to receive updates every time that account posts new content.

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