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Social Media Scheduling Tools

We get it. There are so many tools you can use nowadays! We totally understand that each business requires certain tools and features that work best for them. We understand that we can’t possibly be a perfect tool – there is none out there! But here’s a list of tools we recommend to include in your search for a scheduling tool!

CompanyStarting $Free Plan?# of AccountsPost’s ToFree Trial?
Social Mako$10/MoYes10IG, FB, LN, GMB, TW7 Days
AgoraPulse$79/MoNo10IG, FB, LN, YT, TW 28 Days
ContentCal$17/MoYes4UNCLEAR14 Days
Falcon$129/MoNo5IG, FB, LN, YT, TW. 7 Day
HootSuite$29/MoYes10IG, FB, LN, YT, TW, PT30 Days
OneUp$12/MoNo3IG, FB, LN, GMB, TW7 Days
OnlyPult$15/MoNo3IG, FB, TW, GMB, YT7 Days
MeetEdgar$49/MoNo25IG, FB, LN, TWNo
SproutSocial$99/MoNo5IG, FB, TW, LN, PT30 Days
Tailwind$15/MoNo3IG, PTUNCLEAR
HeyOrca$79/MoNoUNLIMITEDFB, TW, LN14 Days
SocialBu$8/MoYes8FB, TW, LN, IG, 14 Days

Key: FB (Facebook), IG (Instagram), YT (YouTube), TW (Twitter), PT (Pinterest), LN (Linkedin), GMB (Google My Business).

This is not a complete list. Feel free to Google other platforms and explore more! If you’d like to be added to this list, reach out!

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