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Introducing Twitter Fleets: Tweets That Disappear

You might be aware of the concept of “Story” sharing launched by Snapchat in October 2013 and Instagram followed suit in August 2016, whereas Facebook also introduced one of its own versions back in 2017.  Twitter has also recently launched the concept of “self-disappearing” tweets named as “fleets”. The phenomenon of the twitter fleets follows the same pursuit like Snapchat stories. It has been known for a well-known fact that the Stories encourage new forms of sharing, feasibly even more casual, personal sharing consequently Twitter too would also want to give its users the ability to intimately express themselves. Same like they can do with their other favorite apps.

How does the fleet work?

You’ll see a ‘+’ button on the top of your Twitter timeline. Tap it and start adding up to 280 characters of text, add photos, GIFs, or videos. Once you’re done writing post it and it’ll appear in that new row alongside other Fleets from those you follow, with the most recent visible first.

You cannot like or retweet the fleets but you can use emoji reactions instead just like your respondence in the direct messages of twitter box. 

Your fleets will automatically disappear after 24 hours. 

Presently fleets are only been operational in Brazil where Twitter is conducting its initial testing. 

With more people looking to Stories to connect, it makes sense for Twitter to also stand in a queue. Despite the fact that this initial variation is fairly basic, you can expect Twitter to spice it up much fast, and provide more engaging, interesting Fleet options to make it a more compelling tool. This feature surely will create a heap of new opportunities.

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