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How to Use Instagram Stories Highlights To Wow Your Customers?

Instagram story highlights can be used by the bloggers for putting product reviews, making product catalogs, showcasing their product collections, posting testimonials and reviews by clients, and much more. With a lot of active users on Instagram, knowing Instagram inside out really matters for you if you want to have a huge audience. This feature comes handy for you especially if you run your personal business or a blog. The Instagram stories highlights you’re your Instagram profile look more managed and organized. You don’t have to clutter your profile with everything that you think should be seen by your audience. Categorizing your stories can be a big game-changer for you with the highlights feature of Instagram. Therefore, if you want to reach out to a larger audience, you must know the latest Instagram trends of 2020. Let’s see how you can use the Instagram stories highlights to truly Wow your customers!

Post Reviews and Testimonials 

The reviews, opinion, comments, and critique by your clients is valuable and should be displayed with pride on your Instagram profile. The highlights section of the Instagram profile allows you to display the testimonials and reviews by your customers so that anyone new who visits your profile can get feedback from your previous clients. 

Product Collections 

You can use the highlights section of the Instagram profile to post about one special range of products. This will prevent your followers from getting lost and would ensure that they find on your profile whatever they are looking for! 


In case you want something to stay saved on your Instagram profile, the highlights section serves as an archive for your profile. If you posted a makeup tutorial or a tutorial on any skill you are good at; you can save it in the highlights section so that all your new followers can see all the previous content that you have already uploaded on your Instagram blog. 

Instagram has surely been revamping its application. Therefore, with the latest trend of putting story highlights is surely going to benefit you! This popular Instagram trend is surely going to increase your followers and benefit your business in the year 2020!  

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