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How To Plan Instagram Content

In today’s world of efficiency and accuracy, social media plays a vital role in enhancing your business marketing. Along with all other trending apps “Instagram” is also a renowned one. Creating an account on Instagram helps you improve your lead generation and boost engagement whether you’re a social media influencer, a business holder or a digital marketer for a company. 

For maintaining a high profile at any of the social media platforms you are required to chalk out an authentic plan beforehand. Given below is the list of things to help you plan your Instagram content:

  • Plan your content beforehand:

To keep up with the reach and engagement from your followers you are required to be active all time, you need to keep updating posts from time to time, either through scheduling them or making up a routine for posting time to time. 

  • Follow the trends:

You need to follow the suit maintained by high profile users. Consider all the important events on the go to grab your follower’s attention.

  • Know how often you should post:

You should analyze from your daily posts that what accurate time follows more engagement and keep working on it to get your engagements in line. 

5 important tips for Instagram captions and stories:

  1. You must know your audience:

You must choose to write suitable captions for a better understanding of your audience.

  • Always use HASHTAGS (#):

It is recommended to use hashtags that follow the trend. It is among the best way to make your content more discoverable by the general audience making them go viral.

  • You must consider the length of your caption:

It’s a general observation that most of the people going through the feed don’t like lengthy captions, they create lethargy and hence making your post more unpleasant. Try to be precise and creative.

  • Try giving shout outs using (@mention) option available:

If your post features someone might be a clothing, shoes, accessories brand name or a person too you should not forget to tag them to make your post more causable to be liked. 

  • Try gaining attention from call to action:

Ask your audience to leave feedback at your posts. Compel them to like, comment and save your posts. 

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