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How To Find Your Brand Voice Through Design?

Building your brand voice is an essential tool to help your business grow. From your language to your aesthetics your brand voice dictates what your brand is about. You need to consider some points like: Do you use lots of industry jargon, or do you prefer to keep things high level? Do you use a lot of acronyms? Do you use slang to sound more casual? Or maybe asking if your writing’s humorous?

You know everyone has the potential to be creative but they just need the right amount of confidence as well as the right tools to express themselves out. 

To know the suitable brand voice to your brand you might be doing the following:

  • Creating a brand story: this tool can be used by every brand marketer to find from their audience to choose the authentic brand narrative.
  • Outline your ideal brand voice by having detail of your social jargon or colloquialisms. 
  • Be picky with your design and outlook of your brand’s logo. 


Discussing the design you should precisely be clear about the color palette, fonts, and logo. Colors speak your personality hence communicate your voice through colors. Warms colors generally represent an evoked action while deep cool colors represent warmth and calmness. Again you must go according to your own likes and comfort and most importantly think what choices would in a better way represent your brand. 


Choosing the font type is as important as choosing words. They speak just as loudly as the words you write. Be unique but be more aesthetic. Choose a simple and sleek font. Many social media platforms opted for sans serif fonts. Give preference to the trends and desires.


Own your brand. Be proud. Design the logo with creativity. Your logo is the leading tool on your business account hence do not ignore the fact to design whatever preferred. 

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