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Creating a Winning Instagram Profile

Creating a winning and attractive Instagram profile is indeed an art. Not every Insta profile looks as attractive as the one in which the blogger has clearly invested his energies. Instagram is the most engaging social networking app right now. Almost every person we know has an Instagram profile. Moreover, its no more only a platform to interact and share or socialize with the community. People nowadays are using this genius platform to proliferate their business and gain more clients or customers. 

 On Instagram, you’re not only competing with your rivals but with brilliance and talent from around the world. For these reasons, your profile needs to stand out. Pay attention to the following areas and you’re as good as done. 

Make your objectives clear 

The first and foremost thing to get to that level of perfection is to make things clear. Be careful about setting out your vision and goals crystal clear. Any unambiguity will render the audience losing interest which would ultimately mean a potential customer lost.  

Invest in photography

High resolution and stellar pictures are what you need to garner an audience on Instagram. Hire a professional photographer since photo editing tools and exceptional photography skills need to be made use of. You can also invest in buying a DSLR or a high resolution camera to click visually pleasing pictures of your products in order to market them more attractively on your account. 

 Include links to your website for buying  

People want things to be easy and quick. Satisfy this need by providing links to your website in your posts where the product or service can be ordered and bought. Affiliate marketing can also be done on Instagram very easily. You can use Affiliate marketing as well if you’re a blogger and would like to endorse any products on your Instagram blog. It’s a great way to earn through your Instagram account by using Amazon affiliate links. You can upload stories with affiliate links and use unique keywords telling the audience about the purpose of the link. 

Using affiliate links is a great tip as it will help you proliferate your business prospects and build trust with your customers.  You can tell the pros and cons of using that certain product to assist the customers and this will guarantee for pleasant customer experience on your Instagram profile.

Be subtle in your approach 

Pay attention to new content ideas for your products and avoid being pushy in your posts. Create content that is relatable and not just about your products. 

Develop a bond with the audience 

Sharing behind the scenes pictures will create a sense of familiarity for the audience. They will feel connected to your company and this feeling could in no time become a feeling of loyalty. 

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