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Choosing The Perfect Instagram Name

On Instagram, you’re competing with the world. So, it’s important that the name you select stands out from the crowd. Name can prove to play a major role in getting you followers as it is the first thing people notice along with your bio. Before you decide to go for a name, make sure it is in accordance with the type of account you have created. For example, it could be a personal brand account, a business account or any other type. 

The following tips teach you how to get it right with little effort. 

Go for an original name 

An original name will become the distinguishing factor for your profile. You don’t have to make it over-complicated at all. Just stick with the basics. Also, focus on the keywords. For example, if you have a traveling blog, then make sure that the name of your blog has the right keywords in it that people search for very often. 

Keep things simple 

The simpler the better. Complicated names are hard to remember while simple and short ones are catchy. If your name is too long or complex, then fewer people will reach out for you and this will lead to a slow pace of followers increase on your blog. 

Be a representative of who you are 

Make sure whatever you choose is in line with the content you plan to put out there, with your goals and objectives and in accordance with your targeted audience. Being original and genuine is the only right way to go. You don’t have to fake anything about yourself. Try to set up a theme and a goal and make sure not to deviate from it. You must not sway from one topic to another on your blog since it makes the followers confused.  

Be consistent 

Use the name you’ve been using in other social networks to make it easy for users to find you. If you have a different name on each social media platform, then this would lead to people getting confused and following the wrong accounts on other social media platforms. 

Use rhyming words 

Using words rhyming with your name will make your name attractive to people. Therefore, instead of picking up a bland name, try to be very fun and creative with the words. Remember that your account name is the very first thing that people notice about your account. 

Use the word ‘official’

Personal brands and famous people using the word “official” and having it verified will make users think of the profile is authentic. In this way, people won’t think that your account is a spam one and will take your objectives seriously. 

We hope that our tips were useful for you in order to prosper as a blog or even a simple Instagram account. Follow these tips and prosper! 

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