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A Letter From Our Founder.

Hey there! I’m Timothy. The founder of Social Mako. This letter to our users (and future users) is a transparent letter to shed some light on what happened the last year and some months starting from April 2020 until September 2021.

I created Social Mako out of my own need. I hated paying for Hootsuite, and felt that I needed something that was not so “bulky” and charged an arm and a leg. I had dipped my feet in social media management, and also had a lot of clients and was paying Hootsuite about $130 a month. I didnt expect Social Mako to explode like it did initially. I thought it would be a great idea (and it was!) to launch on Dealify for a Lifetime deal, and I still stand by that, and may even launch another deal soon.

I did not have the right expectations. This was my first “Tech” company and I was so new to managing a SaaS and even creating one, that I panicked. I was spending upwards of 80 hours a week managing support tickets, and improving the platform, and truly put my heart and soul into it. It eventually got to a point where I needed to focus on my health, and find a company to take over. The keyword here: COMPANY.

I listed Social Mako for sale and even pondered if this was the right thing. I asked family members, I lost sleep over this decision and I ultimately felt I needed to do what was best not only for myself but for the users as they all meant (and still mean) the world to me. One of the biggest concerns I had selling was whether or not the new owner was going to uphold the same philosophy and values that I enacted which was part of the Murenzi company brand.

Numerous messages back and forth with Zarina from Tangler Harbor showed that she was very much interested in keeping both the philosophy and values. So, I felt comfortable selling to her. It felt right. Fast forward to after the sale, when I was in the support phase. 30 days support with the transition, I almost immediately regretted the sale. I noticed on support chats that their team was more interested in making excuses for issues than actually fixing them.

During the acquisition I made sure to mention was that she (Zarina) needed to focus on making the platform more stable as at the time there were new features we enabled that we hadn’t yet ironed out the kinks from. Well, needless to say that Zarina failed to pay any attention to this and only had a focus on making new features without actually ironing out any bugs from the previous features. This caused a huge issue because now they had even more bugs than before.

Fast forward a few months. I discovered that Zarina was trying to sell Social Mako. When I asked her about this, she blatantly stated that she didn’t realize how much work Social Mako was going to be. In short, I feel she really only cared about the money as at that time that I sold to her, we were at $1750 MRR (Monthly Reoccurring Revenue) not including any Lifetime Deal sales, because that doesn’t include in MRR anyway.

I noticed on her listing that she lied about the MRR as she was including the LTD sales in the MRR because she continued the Dealify deal even after the sale, almost up until she sold the platform to John (Name changed to protect). To end the Zarina rant, her actions on what her decisions were with Social Mako, caused a chain of events that ultimately caused the platform to lose user trust. Something I spent months building.

Zarina sold Social Mako successfully to a developer who had very high aspirations for Social Mako. This happened around October 2020. Maybe a little sooner. The new owner, although having amazing intentions, could not come back from what Zarina lied about and fabricated to just sell the platform and cash out. The MRR went from $1700~ down to about $500 when the new owner took over. This was because of the extended Dealify deal that most MRR users wound up finding and converting to LTD licenses.

The new owner – We will call him… John…. – kind of now-former owner… (Protecting his name because I actually like the guy and may do business with him soon), put a lot of work into a new UI, and fixing a lot of the issues that Zarina should have fixed under her watch. However, the damage was already done. Only being a developer and not too certain on marketing, John was not able to bounce back from a Major Facebook issue that happened that screwed not only Social Mako, but a lot of other companies.

Facebook did a major update after the Cambridge Analytica issue. Facebook had to ensure all apps abided by the new privacy policies that Facebook had to enact. They sent out a request to all API owners to verify the information. However, they sent out too many requests, and Facebook was not able to get to Social Mako before their API closed automatically. Unfortunately, Social Mako was at the mercy of Facebook. This caused the MRR users left, to jump ship. Arguably so….

John then had to save Social Mako. He reached out to me because he truly felt there was not another person who could fix Social Mako and get it back to what it was. He felt that I truly cared about the platform, and instead of just letting it die, he wanted to make sure it was in the right hands.

Because I do believe in Social Mako and care deeply about it’s users, I bought Social Mako back from John.

Quick timeline of events. 

  • Social Mako Founded by Timothy Murenzi Mid 2018.
  • Social Mako Sold to Tangler Harbor (Zarina), Late April 2020.
  • Social Mako Re-sold to John, Mid to Late October 2020.
  • Social Mako Sold back to Timothy Murenzi Late August 2021.

The future of Social Mako is still a bright one. Despite it’s past and challenges, those challenges only help the platform become better than it was before. My intentions with the platform are 100% genuine and will always take care of the users first and foremost. We plan on further developing after we make sure the platform is stable and make sure all issues from Zarina are fixed 100%. We are here to support you, the user and will be here to grow Social Mako bigger and better than before.

Thank you for reading.

With love,

Timothy Murenzi.

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