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8 free Ways to Market your Business on Instagram

In this digital age, social media tools are increasingly being used to create the strong market position of brands. These tools are cheap and most effective sources to market products since they enable more reach of customers as compared to the conventional ways of marketing. Instagram is one of the significant players that is becoming popular in the marketing world. For businesses in today’s world, it has become really important to succeed through tools like Instagram. It’s a wonderful platform to reach out and engage the audience. Following are some free ways that can help you to market your business on Instagram:

1. Engaging bio on your Account You should have an engaging bio as it’s the first thing that your customers are going to come across. The bio should have an elevator pitch of the business idea. This is the first way to make your profile attractive. It should precisely make clear the idea of your business.

2. Use hashtags and latest trending Don’t forget to put catchy captions on your posts. The caption content should be precise and well explanatory. Add hashtags to the captions and these should be a combination of common and unique hashtags. The hashtags improve the exposure and engagement of posts.

3. Partnering with Influencers or Celebrities Collaboration with influencers is a very effective way to attract the audience towards your brand. Promotional marketing campaigns of businesses can be easily run through this platform. It’s a good way to gain the trust of customers.

4. Well-designed campaign for Posts Makes sure you keep your Instagram active through regular posts and videos. Tagging the location on your posts is a good way to give insights to your customers. Your posts and videos should have an element of creativity. The posts should reflect your products or services offerings.

5. Increasing Involvement through Contests/ Competition Starting a competition campaign helps in engaging customers towards your brand and is a very effective way to involve your customers. Prizes or additional offerings to your customers in return for such competitions can be a good marketing tactic.

6. Efficiently respond to Customer Queries Make sure that you respond to your customer queries well. Stay active and keep updating your customers about your products or service offerings. Make your customers feel important and special.

7. Updates about the Company’s Milestones and Efforts Let your customers know about behind the scenes efforts that you are doing to bring up the best stuff for them. Sharing the milestone achievements is another effective way to keep your customers updated about the progress of your brand.

8 Coverage to Brand Experiences Share stories of your customer’s experiences related to your business/brand. It should include how your business offering is making their life easier. Sharing such brand stories improve the credibility of your brand and is useful for maintaining a consistent brand identity.

There a lot of marketing-related tools available these days which can help you grow your business at a very fast rate. But the ways mentioned above are free of cost and easy to execute. It’s really beneficial for the businesses that don’t have much budget to spend on marketing!

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