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6 Strategies To Drive Traffic And Sales To Your Instagram Account

Many advertisers believe that the digital media platform is due to become a dominant one in the next decade. It seems that both technological and behavioral changes in consumers have had significant impacts on the advertising industry, requiring marketers and agencies to develop new ways of engaging consumers in the communication process. Both large and smallscale advertising agencies are paying increasing attention to social media for marketing and advertising activities, particularly on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, in order to be more competitive in this changing market environment. 

The ways to improve traffic and sales to your Instagram hence includes the following:

  • Get creative using trendy hashtags:

Add relevant hashtags to boost your sales. Be outrageous in choosing them, but it’s not as easy as it sounds to come up with the right mix of effective hashtags. You need to do your full research.

  • Focus on your call to attention’:

Make your CTA power in use to compel them to click that link in bio. 

  • Do consider sponsors and partnership with other Instagrammers:

People who are blogging as an influencer will help attain you a horrendous amount of traffic as they’re being followed a much higher fan base. 

  • Get your captions eyes catching: be precise with what you write but don’t miss the quality for a quantity. 
  • Create your content shoppable:

The feature on Instagram has made it easy for consumers to shop for their favorite products using shoppable posts. It’ll definitely help you increase your sales as it will not get your hands off the customer. Anyone seeing your product doesn’t have to go to your website to check the prices and order, it’ll help them purchase at the spot.

  • Do publish AD on Instagram:

This is another feature for all the business market holders to advertise their profiles and products to gain more attention. 

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