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5 Instagram Hashtag Hacks + Tricks You Want to Try

Instagram hashtags can make using Instagram much easier than you ever thought. The hashtags are creative and help you reach out to a wider audience if you are a blogger. In case you are not a blogger and just want to search for a specific product, then hashtags help in narrowing down your research on Instagram. 

If you’re looking for hashtag hacks and tricks that will give a boost to your community on Instagram, you have come to the right place. The information below contains the most useful hacks you’d wish you knew earlier. Let’s start right off! 

  1. Use niche hashtags 

Using popular hashtags such as #havingfun, #goodday or #goodvibes will not help you grow a targeted following on Instagram. Only the hashtags entirely relevant to your business, account or target audience are going to get you the desired increase in engaged following. Niche hashtags can help you connect with the audience and bloggers of the specific niche, and help you interact with the community you are interested in. 

2. Post hashtags in your first comment 

Instead of cramming up your caption and making it look untidy, post your hashtags in the first comment. This will let the caption have its share of attention while not compromising on the engagement you could get through hashtags.  Hashtags can help you come in the search results of people using Instagram. 

3. Check how well are your hashtags performing 

Users of business profile can easily see how individual posts are performing and can compare the results. You can see how successful your posts are in attracting new audiences based on impressions from hashtags. This might help as you could use those hashtags from the successful posts more often. Instagram has surely made it easier for you to gauge your progress and see how much reach are your posts actually getting. This will help you measure your own success easily. 

4. Follow hashtags that are specific to the industry you work in 

This way you’ll see what your competitors are up to, might discover potential partners and will surely connect more easily with your community. If you are a travel blogger, then you can use hashtags like #travelling #journey #globetrotter #ilovetravelling #naturelover and other creative hashtags you can think of. In this way, you will get to know about other people who are doing the same tasks as you are doing, or those who have similar interests like you. 

5. Use more than 10 hashtags per post 

It has been seen that posts with a higher number of hashtags seem to get more engagement.  Therefore, it is advisable to put a large number of hashtags on every Instagram post or picture you upload on your account. 

Hence, hashtags on Instagram can help you big time. You know your way now. All the best!

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