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Social Mako will help you save time and optimize profile management on your social media platforms. Plan, schedule and post your content.

NEW UPDATE: Analyze Your Success!

Use analytics to drive the success of your business.

With the new release of Mako Analytics, we've made Social Mako even more of an ``all-inclusive`` management platform! Analyze your business' success with Instagram analytics.


Plan a Week of Social Media Posts in 25 Minutes

Spend less time posting to all your social media and more time growing your business. Our efficient scheduling module allows you to post to multiple platforms at the same time, and back-to-back without ever leaving that screen. This allows you to schedule your posts in record time!

Schedule your content back-to-back without ever leaving the screen. Makes posting SUPER fast!
See your posts in a calendar form to know what you posted and plan accordingly.
No notifications to post your content! Auto Publish is available for all accounts!
Tool for pros + individuals

Making work simpler and more productive

Our platform works for everyone. With plans to help individuals gain more time in their day, to helping businesses grow by managing the right strategy for their social media content.

Can I use Social Mako on the go?

Absolutely! Our platform is mobile, tablet, and web friendly. You can schedule content whenever you’re on the road, in your office, or even at an event!

What kind of support does Social Mako offer?

Our support team is here to help with any questions or concerns you have! Each package tier comes with it’s own support level. We’ve also enabled users to utilize our self-help tool to get quick answers to common issues.

What platforms does Social Mako support?

We currently support Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook.

Core Features

Mako Analyze – Analytics for Instagram dig deep into your follower base and engagement rates.
Schedule- Social Mako will automatically post your content for you!
Captions- Create captions to easily add to your posts such as hashtags.
Image Editor – Edit your images before posting them.
DesignBold – Create stunning graphic design content and post directly to your file manager.
Calendar – Easily see your scheduled posts in a calendar view.
File Manager- Keep all your images and videos in one place.
Key Benefits

Partnering with us means more than just a partnership.



Save time by scheduling your content more efficiently.



Reach the right audience by analyzing your strategy.



Our platform helps businesses grow. Period.

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