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Main features

Curate Content

Create Jaw-Dropping content

WIth our all-new partnership with DesignBold, you can create jaw-dropping content to schedule or post right from the Social Mako platform! The world is experiencing a shift to visual content. Never before have we experienced such a rise of image centric social networks. Images are now becoming the "universal language", which can convey a message, tell a story, and share a dream all by themselves. Why not curate content right from the same platform you post or schedule it?

Mako Analyze

Track Performance

Understanding how your content is doing is key information to grow your brand. Use Mako Analyze to see the growth of your instagram accounts. Track key performance stats like follower growth, engagement rate, top hashtags and mentions, future projections based on historical data, and more. Easily export the data in a PDF and even compare your competitors!


Schedule a whole month in just under 25 minutes

We focus on efficiency when scheduling content. After you create your post, we allow you to stay on the same screen so you can schedule back-to-back. This saves a ton of time that you can use on other tasks! Either post now, or schedule for later. Add a first comment or simply put hashtags in the description.

Team Effort

Add sub-users and clients

We believe in a team-effort. Add your client to get approval for posting and add your team members, so they have their own accounts! Enabling the abiity to add you team mates are crucial to the success of managing your business. Don't use one account - allow them the freedom of their own account.

Other features

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